Veterinary & animal care: Redefining solutions for fast and reliable disinfection

Veterinaries and elite stables are setting benchmarks for how animals such as horses can avoid infection risks through automatic high-tech disinfection solutions from Whitebox.

Whitebox in veterinary facilities: Automatic disinfection solutions to keep animals safe from viruses and bacteria

Whitebox solutions support how to keep animals safe from infection – from elite horse stables, to animal transportation, to large horse racing tracks. We are committed to support the development of next-generation technologies driving modern disinfection. Disinfection is immediate within seconds.

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Shaping the future for health and safety together

In veterinary facilities and competitive sports such as horse racing, disinfection is essential. Infections through viruses and bacteria can destroy a whole career in horse racing. Having technology at the forefront, the highest level of disinfection is in our DNA. Like our customers, we feed of new challenges to keep their animals safe and healthy. And by a partnership, you can be confident that we find a solution to keep viruses, bacteria and pathogens away – with speed and in a way that your own work is minimal – we’ll work with you to find automatic and affordable solutions to disinfection problems. In seconds, our solutions ensure you do what you can to keep maximum safety.

Through our UV solutions, we can disinfect veterinary surgery rooms, rooms for diagnosis and other facilities. Our class-leading solutions will keep your operations safe and disinfected running 24/7. We also

have products to disinfect contagious items in facilities such as stables, such as horse halters or other items.  Our solutions are time-saving, cost-saving and environmentally friendly. No toxins or chemicals that can cause allergic reactions. No refills or hidden costs.

Disinfection insights of tomorrow

Viruses and bacteria can cause disease. Disease occurs when the virus or bacteria is able to replicate and spread in the body. For example, infection risks are significant in horses that travel or spend time at stables where lots of different horses are coming and going. Equine influenza virus, equine herpes virus (EHV-1), or streptococcus are all causing highly contagious diseases that can cause serious consequences. As with hospitals, infection risk is also significant if veterinary facilities lack disinfection possibilities.

Disinfection practices are key to keeping viruses and bacteria from spreading. Supplies, tools and air can be problematic and our solutions cover all of them. Through UV light we offer fast, reliable and affordable solutions to keep your animals safe and healthy. We are able to solve disinfection problems that have previously been difficult to address.

From disinfection of surface to air, no one provides faster solutions

Whitebox offers automatic products and systems to enable an easy way to keep the disinfection levels high. Even though all veterinaries and animal owners are aware of disinfection for health, it is time consuming to disinfect to keep viruses and bacteria away.

With a proven track record in UV light cleaning products, we solve all challenges. We are knowledgeable together with our partners and therefor able to provide tested solutions to veterinary facilities and stables. Our products target even the most difficult viruses and bacteria that can stay in several months at surfaces or items and still be contagious.

Our Mission: Keep highest level of safety

Whitebox provides products and solutions that enhance the health and safety of a broad range of problems, from the smallest brush, to the largest room or stable.

We enable fast, automatic and sustainable solutions to ensure veterinary and animal safety. Fast because our technology supports the highest industry standards and our products are designed to be reliable to eliminate viruses and bacteria from air and surfaces. Automatic because our solutions come with a mission to reduce any manual effort to disinfect.  And sustainable because we know that chemicals are not good in the long run – environmentally and for health.