Automatic UV Disinfection Products for Safe Retail

A new normal is on the runway, a series of patented automatic disinfection products without chemical ingredients, that reduce infection risks from bacteria and viruses within seconds.

Retail & Service: Reliable and Efficient UV Sanitation Equipment

No need for alcohol-based sanitizers with limited functionality. No need to use harsh, environmentally unfriendly chemicals. No need to worry about having staff available to clean your many surfaces. Your customers can still be secure.

We offer a complete series of automatic disinfection products to sterilize high-touch surfaces and areas in retail stores, including carts, baskets, conveyor belts, and payment terminals. We also provide you with highly efficient no-noise air disinfection products to handle infection risks.

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Protecting Retail Customers and Workers

Safety from infectious bacteria and viruses like COVID-19 is a significant concern for supermarkets and retail stores. Customers and staff need protection. We work closely with our retail customers to ensure all their high-touch surfaces are protected, keeping their workers and customers safe and healthy.

Efficient Bacteria, Virus, and Pathogen Disinfection for Retail Equipment

Whitebox is a specialist provider offering automatic, efficient, and fast disinfecting products to the retail sector. Our products help eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses, and pathogens causing disease in humans—even antibiotic-resistant super bacteria which exist and spread in stores, public places and supermarkets.

Mission: Be safe when shopping

Our mission is to help supermarkets and retail stores eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens from their high-touch areas. High-touch areas are surfaces that are touched by multiple people, where infectious diseases can spread through the transfer of bacteria or viruses from one person to another. Examples include shopping carts, credit card swipers, and re-usable shopping bags as well as self-scanning devices that multiple people use before they are sanitized.

Whitebox manufactures fast, simple, and effective UVC light sterilization solutions and products for the retail sector to reduce the transfer of bacteria, viruses, and pathogens. We target all pathogens, including COVID-19.