Multi-Cart Disinfection


Designed to disinfect bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms on customer carts. Safe and proven UV light technology. No toxic substances or alcohol-based liquids. Semi-automatic cleaning of multiple carts simultaneously. High-level focus on handles to achieve higher disinfection grade.
Metal outer casing with powder-painted structure finish. Recessed screen showing cleaning progress. Available in black. Other colors available upon request. Different sizes exist depending upon amount of carts to be disinfected simultaneously.

  • Disinfection of multiple carts at a time.
  • Quick and easy, staff operated, semi-automatic.
  • Instant bacteria and virus disinfection.
  • Easy to install inside store entryways.
  • Built-in screen to visualize disinfection progress.
  • Saves work time from frequent manual cleaning.
  • Can be used to follow the new tightened cleaning regulations for stores in some markets.