Microbox M

Did you know that 71.2% of cell phones have contagious bacteria and virus that spread infection at work? This is also the case with many other items found among healthcare and care staff in todays healthcare. With Whitebox, you can safely and securely disinfect your mobile phone, keys, hand controls, glasses, etc. in just seconds. It is also used for many electronic devises in healthcare. UV-C light is gentle on products and it eliminates the need of liquid cleaners that contain alcohol.


Designed to disinfect bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms on smaller items, such as reusable face masks (N95), keycards, glasses etc. Safe and proven UV light technology. No toxic substances or alcohol-based liquids.

  • Quick and easy, automatic.
  • Instant bacteria and virus disinfection.
  • Easy to install inside.
  • Saves work time from frequent manual cleaning.
  • Can be used to follow the new tightened cleaning regulations for some markets.