Hospital bed disinfection unit

Hospital beds are contaminated by several pathogenic bacteria, among them antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The current state of cleaning and disinfecting beds and mattresses is dangerous because it can leave residual bacteria that can be transmitted from patient to patient.

For example; almost all Hospital beds and mattresses in the UK are often cleaned by hand. This is time consuming and is now a significant problem. This is because approximately up to 98% UK of the hospital beds are non-washable (IPX4). They cannot be cleaned by automated systems using water and chemicals as these would damage electronic components.


The unit is designed to disinfect bacteria and viruses from hospital beds and other patient room items or furniture. Automatic cleaning. Digital screen shows cleaning progress. Utilizes a very short and efficient UV-C treatment cycle.

Designed to disinfect bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms on hospital beds and other equipment. Safe and proven UV-C light technology. Automatic disinfection of one bed at a time. A complement to regular cleaning routines. Enables a “clean for every user” solution.

  • Metal outer casing with powder-painted structure finish. Recessed screen showing cleaning progress. Available in white color.
  • Quick and easy to operate.
  • Instant bacteria and virus disinfection (Including MRSA).
  • Easy to install.
  • Built-in screen to visualize disinfection progress.
  • Saves work time from frequent manual cleaning.
  • Normal cleaning and disinfection may leave some residual contamination, which UV-C can destroy.