Healthcare: UV Disinfection for Everyone’s Safety

Our products can be a complement to existing disinfection routines to reduce infection risks from viruses and especially the transmission of resistant bacteria such as MRSA.

Fast and Efficient UV Sanitation for Safe Patients

We provide proven and validated UVC disinfection solutions to solve the most difficult disinfection challenges in healthcare today. This includes UVC disinfection of hospital beds and wheelchairs. We also provide UVC air cleaner devices and smaller and customized standalone units to disinfect medical items. Our products are tested and validated in independent laboratories and at major university hospitals.

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Protecting Patients and Caregivers

Reports suggests that a hospital stay is often extended by almost a week per hospital-acquired infection on top of other medical and social costs, including unnecessary deaths.

Data shows the superior effectiveness of UV-C light solutions to eliminate the spread of virus, pathogens and resistant bacteria. UV-C disinfection solutions are not only suitable for surface disinfection, but also very suitable for disinfecting air.

Reduced Bacteria, Virus, and Pathogen Disinfection by UV Technology

Our Whitebox solutions eliminate pathogens – even antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Less manual cleaning is needed and less chemicals are used in the disinfection process. We have validated tests on MRSA, different bacteria and on SARS-COV2 from leading independent laboratories and from large hospitals.

Our Mission: Reduce risk of infection

Our approach is to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens in healthcare environments. We help hospital and care staff to save time in the disinfection process and minimizing the use of chemicals.