Gaming & education: Disinfecting high touch items and areas in an efficient and reliable way.

Disinfecting your VR headset

By using Whitebox UV-C technology to disinfect your VR headset you ensure that you will get a constant and high disinfection rate between each user. Using UV-C to disinfect compared to traditional way with chemical solutions is friendlier for the environment but also friendlier to the headset it selves. When cleaning a headset with wet chemical solutions there is always a risk of this getting into the electronic and in worse case destroy the headset, Whitebox UV-C disinfection is a dry solution which eliminates the risk of harming electronic inside the headset.

To Products

Smaller handheld objects

The need of cleaning and disinfecting handheld objects have increased heavily. With Whitebox Microbox you can disinfect smaller objects in a fast and efficient way, such as tablets, phones, key cards, glasses, etc. Remove the manual disinfection of smaller objects and let your staff focus on the customer instead.

Air Cleaning: The Silent Air Cleaner

Designed to be a silent solution for bacteria and virus disinfection of air, which is needed in offices, retail, industry, or in public spaces where noise can reduce productivity or be a distraction. Safe and proven UV light technology for continuous air cleaning. The cleaning is targeting the smallest viruses, including COVID-19 that may pass mechanical filter solutions.

How it Works

Air Cleaner X disinfects bacteria and viruses without thick mechanical air filters which produce noise and need a lot of service replacing or cleaning. The product has two high performance fans to ensure a low noise level. It has an UV chamber which the air passes through, inside the chamber the air will be treated with UV-C light. The UV light will treat all sizes of virus and bacteria even those that are too small for mechanical filters. The intake and exhaust have a special design to avoid ugly dust marks on the walls or ceilings. It is designed for easy usage without a complicated interface, which provide reliable operation without doubt. This means that for public spaces like schools, you as a user can be sure that no one have changed the settings resulting in poor disinfection.

Versatile Use

The Whitebox Air Cleaner X can be used in most environments where people work, live or gather. It can be mounted on walls, hung from the ceiling, or placed free standing on the floor.

  • Offices
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Public waiting rooms
  • Residential care homes
  • Dental surgeries
  • Supermarkets
  • Check-outs in stores
  • Waiting rooms in banks or other similar places
  • Restaurants
  • Dressing room areas
  • Healthcare
  • Hotels and hospitality
  • Care Homes