About us

Whitebox is on a mission to revolutionize disinfection of viruses, bacteria and pathogens through UV-C technology to achieve a more healthy, productive, and sustainable future for the clients who implement our solutions.


We summarize our purpose to be:

An effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative complement or replacement to traditional disinfection based upon alcohol, chemicals or other toxic liquids.

A pioneer in finding products and developing automatic solutions or technologies to drive disinfection to a new level.

We help society and industry transform into a sustainable future.

Product offerings, product systems and disinfection solutions based on UV-C light and UV-C technology is at our core. We start with our customers. By transforming how disinfection is done in industries, our vision is to create a sustainable and healthy future where viruses, bacteria and other pathogens are not a problem.

Our Values

Our values describe why we exist and how we think about our contribution.


Health is our goal

We want everyone to be safe.


We deliver important solutions for customer and staff safety

Our products are based on solutions to disinfect highly contagious high-touch surfaces and infected air, to mitigate the transmission of bacteria and viruses.


We support responsibility

We provide efficient disinfection solutions that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.