Automatic UV Disinfection Products

Whitebox revolutionize disinfection. We use UV-C LED light technology that eliminates viruses, pathogens and even resistant bacteria such as MRSA in seconds. Our technology is tested and validated by independent laboratories for viruses, such as SARS-COV2 which cause COVID-19. We have a portfolio of products, systems, and solutions for a number of industries. You can explore some of them by industry below.

Airports & Transportation

Gaming & education


Retail & Service

Veterinary & animal care

Airports and Transportation: Together with transportation companies and transportation hubs we are building the future of safe travelling.

We begin with our expertise in UV-C light and our engineering skills. Our customers vision of safety and reduction of infection risk from viruses and bacteria defines our add-on solutions to existing equipment to disinfect air and spaces at airports, public transportation, and in transportation hot-spots. We take pride in being fast – within weeks your airport can reach the highest levels of safety.

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Gaming & education: Disinfecting high touch items and areas in an efficient and reliable way.

At Whitebox, we have taken on the challenge to reduce the risk of spreading virus and bacteria in gaming and education centres. With the use of our UV-C LED technology we can disinfect objects in a fast and reliable, like VR-headsets, AR-headsets, Handheld controls, etc. Keeping a safe air environment is also crucial for areas where many people reside, we offer products that will help you with this.

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Healthcare: A rapidly growing industry with high ambitions for reliable disinfection

The rapid development of UV-C light disinfection leads to a rapid development of complementary products for cleaning routines in healthcare. UV-C light has existed in healthcare for decades, but the more affordable and effective techniques have improved the way disinfection can be guaranteed to protect patients and staff.

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Retail & Service: We offer solutions for safe retail and supermarkets

Our products enable fast, reliable and affordable elimination of viruses and bacteria. Our solutions cover single products for stores, such as automatic disinfection of customer baskets, trolleys or hand scanners to systems for stores to protect staff and customers from infection.

As a leader in these solutions, we accept our responsibility to deliver the best deals in regards to budget and your needs in store. We work both with Unions to find solutions to protect staff in stores and with store owners to protect their customers against infection risks.

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Veterinary disinfection: Redefining solutions for fast and reliable disinfection

Veterinaries and elite stables are setting benchmarks for how animals such as horses can avoid infection risks through automatic high-tech disinfection solutions from Whitebox.

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Special Solutions for all industries

Why choose a Customized Solution from Whitebox? We develop products or UV-C light devices that enable your organization to perform without virus, bacteria and pathogen problems.

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UVC makes disinfection fast, smart and sustainable

UVC LED is a superior technology to fight viruses and bacteria, empowering disinfection in a safer, smarter and more sustainable way. UVC support improved disinfection, safety, efficiency and sustainability.

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